Private Equity Investment | Financial Investment

QOL(Quality of Life) related

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    REGiMMUNE Limited.

    Development of immunomodulators using our unique technology "reVax"
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    Integral Geometry Science Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture and sales of the world's most advanced measuring instruments and software
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    TMS Co., Ltd.

    Research and development of drug candidate substances for patients with acute cerebral infarction
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    Megakaryon Corporation

    Research and development of platelet preparations derived from human iPS cells
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    CellAxia Inc.

    R & D, manufacturing and sales of products such as new drugs and regenerative medicine
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    iHeart Japan Corporation

    Research and development of innovative next-generation medicine using cardiovascular cells derived from human iPS cells
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    SymEnergy Inc.

    Renewable energy power generation business, trading of electricity, energy saving support services, etc.
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    Shenyang Zhongyuanyihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Development and production of medical equipment for artificial insemination
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    Shenyang Quanhui International Geriatric Rehabilitation Co., Ltd.

    Managing nursing care / rehabilitation facility

IT related

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    China's largest online English conversation education
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    TORICO Co., Ltd.
    Operation of Comic EC “MANGAZENKAN.COM” and various Manga based services
    Listed on TSE-Mothers on Mar. 23, 2022
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    Croco corporation

    Crowdsourcing service specializing in article creation, check service for reprinting and plagiarism without permission
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    HiTTO Inc.

    Providing in-house AI chatbot service "HiTTO"

    Dec. 2021: Exit
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    WonderPlanet Inc.

    Planning, development, operation and sales of full native apps and games for smart devices
    Listed on TSE-Mothers on June 10, 2021
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    webrage CO., LTD.

    Next-generation marketing support business using biometric information, quality evaluation and quality improvement support business of IT services
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    Polydice, Inc.

    Operation of Taiwan's No. 1 online recipe media "love cooking"

Other sectors

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    Insurance broker
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    Navel Japan

    Regional trading company in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture
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    Development, manufacture, and sales of touch panels, mirrors for automotive, and related products
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    Ankeyunda Air Service Co., Ltd.

    Selling airline tickets as an independent intermediate platform between airlines and travel agencies
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    Last One Mile Co., Ltd.

    Last mile business that provides one-stop services for lifelines, IT services, IoT, infrastructure, etc.
    Listed on TSE-Mothers on Nov. 24, 2021
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    Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd.

    Rent guarantor, real estate rental brokerage, mobile phone (MVNO) business, part-time job / employment placement, temporary staffing specialized for foreigners