Private Equity Investment | Financial Investment


For investees of financial investment, we provide not only the listing support but also provide overseas expansion support and sales support. We utilize our experience and wide network which we have built up through many years of investment activities when we support our investees. To that end, we are building a network in Asia by forming business alliances with government agencies in China and partner companies in Asian countries.

QOL(Quality of Life) related

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    REGiMMUNE Limited.

    Development of immunomodulators using our unique technology "reVax"
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    Integral Geometry Science Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture and sales of the world's most advanced measuring instruments and software
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    TMS Co., Ltd.

    Research and development of drug candidate substances for patients with acute cerebral infarction
    Listed on TSE-Growth on Nov. 22, 2022
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    Megakaryon Corporation

    Research and development of platelet preparations derived from human iPS cells
    Dec. 2023: Exit
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    CellAxia Inc.

    R & D, manufacturing and sales of products such as new drugs and regenerative medicine
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    iHeart Japan Corporation

    Research and development of innovative next-generation medicine using cardiovascular cells derived from human iPS cells
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    SymEnergy Inc.

    Renewable energy power generation business, trading of electricity, energy saving support services, etc.
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    Shenyang Zhongyuanyihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Development and production of medical equipment for artificial insemination
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    Shenyang Quanhui International Geriatric Rehabilitation Co., Ltd.

    Managing nursing care / rehabilitation facility

IT related

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    China's largest online English conversation education

    Sep. 2022: Exit
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    TORICO Co., Ltd.
    Operation of Comic EC “MANGAZENKAN.COM” and various Manga based services
    Listed on TSE-Mothers on Mar. 23, 2022
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    Croco corporation

    Crowdsourcing service specializing in article creation, check service for reprinting and plagiarism without permission
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    HiTTO Inc.

    Providing in-house AI chatbot service "HiTTO"

    Dec. 2021: Exit
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    WonderPlanet Inc.

    Planning, development, operation and sales of full native apps and games for smart devices
    Listed on TSE-Mothers on June 10, 2021
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    webrage CO., LTD.

    Next-generation marketing support business using biometric information, quality evaluation and quality improvement support business of IT services
    May 2023: Exit
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    Polydice, Inc.

    Operation of Taiwan's No. 1 online recipe media "love cooking"

    Oct. 2022: Exit

Other sectors

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    Insurance broker
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    Navel Japan

    Regional trading company in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture

    Aug. 2022: Exit
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    Ankeyunda Air Service Co., Ltd.

    Selling airline tickets as an independent intermediate platform between airlines and travel agencies
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    Last One Mile Co., Ltd.

    Last mile business that provides one-stop services for lifelines, IT services, IoT, infrastructure, etc.
    Listed on TSE-Mothers on Nov. 24, 2021
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    Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd.

    Rent guarantor, real estate rental brokerage, mobile phone (MVNO) business, part-time job / employment placement, temporary staffing specialized for foreigners
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    Operation of coin-operated parking lots, sales and maintenance of parking equipment
    Listed on NSE Main on Apr. 14, 2023