Corporate Information

Mission and Message

As an investment company that links Japan with the rest of Asian region, we are committed to contribute to the creation of more safe, stable and efficient future society under the circumstance of structural problem derived from declining birthrate and increasing aging population


Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. (JAIC) was founded in 1981 by the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai). Since its establishment, JAIC has contributed to the expansion of direct investment in Asia from Japan. Meanwhile, as a leading venture capital firm in Japan, JAIC has focused on cultivating, fostering and supporting venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby contributing to the vitalization of the Japanese economy.

Today, Japan and other Asian countries are in an important phase as they face paradigm shifts in society and the economy, with the aging of the population and the drop of the birthrate progressing at a high speed.
In order to overcome this issue, it is necessary to create values by introducing new technologies and revolutionary services, revitalize existing businesses through innovation. This effort may lead to the establishment of more safe and secured society that can maintain high-quality sustainable growth with high productivity. In Japan, it is also important to reduce dependence on internal growth and shift its weight to external growth based on the demand arising from “inbound business” by strengthening relationship and partnerships with Asian countries. We are confident that this is the field where JAIC’s business opportunities lie and JAIC’s value can be fully demonstrated.

For over 40 years since our foundation, JAIC has been conducting investing activities to support economic development of Japan and other Asian countries. Going forward, we intend to apply our accumulated experience and track record to further contribute to the sustainable growth of Japan and the rest of Asia.

Tetsuro Shimomura President and CEO