Our initiatives in ESG and SDGs

We address issues concerning sustainability, such as social and environmental problems, through business activities as an investment company.
As an investment company that links Japan with the rest of Asian region, we are committed to contribute to the creation of more safe, stable and efficient future society under the circumstance of structural problem derived from declining birthrate and increasing aging population. This is our mission. Furthermore, in our medium-term management plan for the year ended March 31, 2022 through the year ending March 31, 2024, we will thoroughly carry out investment activities with a strong awareness of SDGs based on our management policy. We will aim to contribute to the development of SDGs-related businesses and improve profitability by identifying venture firms that contribute to providing solutions for the realization of a safe, secure and productive society.
Areas with large social demand, such as consideration toward ESG, are expected to see high growth as they attract many resources including human resources, funds, information, and knowhow, resulting in high expected investment returns for related projects and companies. In order to capture such profit opportunities, we will aggressively invest in areas related to social and environmental issues.

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SDGs icon 7&12

Renewable Energy

We contribute to reducing the burden on the environment by investing in renewable energy projects and partner companies of the projects.


SDGs icon 9

Smart agriculture (vegetable plant)

We will provide solutions for the decline and aging of farming population, climate change and food safety through investments in vegetable plants.

SDGs icon 8&9

Distribution Center (logistics warehouse)

We will contribute to achieve a productive society, revitalizing regional industries and creating employment through investments in the logistics warehouse projects.

SDGs icon 11


We will provide solutions for realizing an inclusive, safe and comfortable society through investments in healthcare projects (facilities for the elderly, group homes for the handicapped).

SDGs icon 8&9

Private Equity Investment

We will improve productivity and complement labor through innovations by supporting investee companies which revitalize existing businesses. We will also support to sustain basic industry by providing funds for SMEs with succession problem.


  • A company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee; an Audit & Supervisory Committee member in charge of governance participates in resolutions as a director

  • Two out of five directors are independent outside directors.

  • The Evaluation Committee, a voluntary organization of JAIC, evaluates personnel matters and compensation of executive directors from an independent standpoint

  • Conduct self-assessment of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors each year and disclose the summary results

  • Conduct effective Audit & Supervisory Committee audits and internal audits