Precautions regarding solicitation of purchase of unlisted shares and project rights, etc. using names, domains, email addresses, etc. similar to our company

"We have received an invitation for a "nepotism" offering" of unlisted stocks and mega solar projects, and according to the offering materials Japan it seems that Asian Investment Co., Ltd. (JAIC) owns the rights to shares and projects, is that true?" We may receive inquiries regarding solicitation of purchases using our name.

We cannot respond to individual information on investee companies and various projects such as mega solar power held by funds (investment partnerships, etc.) managed and operated by the Company or our group, other than those disclosed on our website. We do not license the use of our name to give credit to the trading of unlisted shares or project rights.
In addition, there is no contractual relationship with the company that conducts such solicitation and mediation.
Furthermore, we do not plan to sell the rights to unlisted shares or projects held by us or our funds to unspecified third parties.

Recently, apart from the above cases, companies that use our history, business content, the names of our officers, etc., or use similar names or similar domain names and e-mail addresses to our company to solicit investment, etc. have also been discovered.

Thank you for your understanding and caution.