Private Equity Investment | Key Funds Under Management

Key Funds Under Management

  • Hokkaido SME Global Fund, L.P.

    Investing in SMEs in Hokkaido that operate or aim to operate in oversea market and that promote business to meet inbound demand
    ■Date of establishment: 1st Apr. 2020
    ■Total commitment amount: \ 151M

  • Succession Investment Limited Partnership, I

    Supporting the business succession needs of SMEs in Japan. Managed by a joint venture between JAIC and Aozora Bank, Ltd.
    ■Date of establishment: 26 Jun. 2017
    ■Total commitment amount: \ 3,000M

  • JAIC Venture Capital Investment L.P.

    Secondary investment fund targeting mainly venture companies in Japan. Domestic leading financial institution invested in this fund.
    ■Date of establishment: 12 Feb. 2016
    ■Total commitment amount: \ 2,000M

  • Shenyang Wanrun-JAIC Venture Capital Enterprise

    Targeting promising companies mainly in the Shenyang Metropolitan Area in Shenyang City; partnering with Shenyang Wanrun City Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Hunnan Science & Technology Zone Development Company Limited
    ■Date of establishment: 26 Mar. 2013
    ■Total commitment amount: RMB 90M

  • Japan-Asia (Tianjin) Venture Capital Investment Enterprise

    Mainly in companies at growth stage in Tianjin, China, including those engaged in environmental technology-related businesses and other promising businesses in Binhai New Area; Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co., Ltd. invested in this fund.
    ■Date of establishment: 26 Aug. 2011
    ■Total commitment amount: RMB 104M

  • CA-JAIC China Internet Fund Ⅱ, L.P

    Internet and mobile-related venture companies in the Greater China; partnering with CyberAgent Ventures, Inc.
    ■Date of establishment: 26 Oct. 2010
    ■Total commitment amount: USD 19M

  • JAIC-IF Venture Capital Investment, L.P. IV

    ■Features: A flagship fund for venture capital investment in Japan.
    ■Date of establishment: 18 Jan. 2010
    ■Total commitment amount: \ 1,880M

  • JAIC China Growth Fund

    Invested by Suzhou investment group, which is the J/V of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park and China Development Bank.
    ■Date of establishment: 18 Mar. 2009
    ■Total commitment amount: RMB 70M

Fund Mechanism

The JAIC Group’s investments in privately held business ventures are made with investment funds (LPs, etc.) composed of funds raised through institutional investors and JAIC Group funds (the JAIC Group invests a certain percentage in the funds it manages) and own-account funds.

JAIC Group is responsible for the fund management as the General Partner and provides fund management reports and other useful information to investors in the fund and monitor the progress of investment recovery with the view of maximizing investment performance.


Cautionary Notes

1.The information recorded above is for the purpose of explaining the business of JAIC.
2.Such information was not prepared with the intent of soliciting investments in limited partnerships or funds managed by JAIC.