4 advantages of JAIC

Historical background in Asian region

Since its establishment in 1981 by the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai), JAIC has contributed to economic exchange between Japan and Asian countries over 40 years which led to high name recognition.

Capability to capture up-to-date business information

Through the activity of exploring promising companies and investment opportunities, JAIC has capability to capture highly professional and cutting-edge information on various corporates.

Wide range of network with venture companies

JAIC has track record of leading more than 300 invested venture companies to "Going Public".
Through the long time investment activities, JAIC enjoys close relationship with wide range of venture companies.
Based on this intangible asset, JAIC is utilizing the network to create value for invest companies through business matching and cultivating new business theme for JAIC's own.

Expertise to structure sophisticated finance scheme

JAIC's accumulated invested volume inside and outside of Japan is Japanese Yen 330 billion.
For the project oriented investment, in addition to providing direct equity investment, JAIC has been arranging various financing scheme utilizing project-finance approach and leverage financing together with financial institutions.