Solicitation Policies

Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd.

JAIC has established the following solicitation policies in accordance with Article 10 on the establishment of solicitation policies in the Act on the Provision of Financial Services.

1. Issues to consider in relation to the knowledge, experience, and assets of persons to be solicited

■JAIC will give due consideration to customers’ investment experience, investment goals, asset situation, and capacity to assume risk and will endeavor to promote investments that are appropriate for the intent and situation of customers (there may be cases where transactions are not accepted by reason of the principle of suitability).

2. Issues to consider regarding solicitation methods and solicitation times in relation to persons to be solicited

■In soliciting investments, JAIC will always give first priority to maintaining customer trust, will comply with laws, orders, and regulations, will give due consideration and care to how solicitations are expressed, and will endeavor to solicit investments from the point of view of customers.

■JAIC will endeavor to provide suitable explanations of product specifics and the nature of risk in light of customers’ knowledge and experience, so that customers can conduct transactions at their own decision and responsibility.

■JAIC will exercise due care to solicit investments during appropriate times.

3. Other issues to ensure appropriate solicitation

■JAIC will endeavor to strengthen internal controls so that laws, orders, and regulations are complied with and so that solicitations occur appropriately.

■Company officers and employees will regularly work to acquire and improve knowledge and skills so they will be able to meet the trust and expectations of customers.